Friday, July 24, 2009


When I deal with life, I deal with it from the rise and fall aspect. Meaning that I watch the thingz I do and say becauze the same way I rose to power, itz easy to fall off my peddle stool (Not saying i'm some Bill Gatez dude, but I do run my city). Even in the midst of my cockiness i'm able to praise God for the thingz he'z given unto me. But the Rise and fall factor iz funny when you look at it. You never look at the downside of whatever when your celebrating. When life iz goig at itz best thatz when you have to thankgod for what he'z given you. Me, I know in the midst of the celebration therez alwayz the fall lurking in the background. So much so, I hate to really even celebrate tooooo hard!!!! LOL!!! However, don't let me start feeling myself in the moment!!! CAN'T TELL ME NOTHIN!!!!! However, I keep in mind that thiz iz appart of life. You got to take the Good along with the bad. Every king iz subject to a fall. I mean just ask Julius Ceasar. Even he in all hiz greatness fell. However he didn't have Jesus on hiz side neither!!! All I can say iz stay humble and content. Thoze are the only keyz to staying on the rise, and having less falls. One day you riding high in ya Rolls next day ya on the street. God bless you.

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