Saturday, July 11, 2009

Respect the conglomerat!!!

So two days ago I was at work and one of my students (knowing I was a Kanye fan and a lover of style) asked me What I thought about the Yeezy's and Kanye's Louis Vuitton sneaker line. So I told him I think Both the Yeezy's and the Loui's are some ill kicks. The Yeezys are the best original sneaker(not a remake, calling themselves making 90's throwback era kicks!!!! Suckaz!!!) Nike has put out!!! I would even go as far as saying The Jordan Brand company could learn a lot from the Yeezy's design, when creating for New Model Air Jordan kicks (it's crazy how kanye's inspiration for both sneakers came out of the Air Jordans, and Jordan has been putting out trashy kicks since the ferrari lookin ones that came out in 99). The Kanye Loui joints are more of a high fashion sneaker, The price for a pair of those are astrinomical. But when you look at it they're double the price you would pay for a pair of Mauri Gators or for others a pair of bathing apes. So when you look at it like that it's not sooooo bad (just got to save your money, only real way to look at that, then you really have to asses within your heart if they're really worth it). The designing is emaculate. They're kind of a better version than the majority of High Fashion sneakers that have been produced. Well the student would then asked me the next huge question, would I wear either of them? I smiled and said no!!! He asked why? Well for one I don't wear sneakers. Boat shoes are the closet thing to a sneaker I can Rock with. Reason number two is, over the years I've pumped a lot of money into Kanye West. I've been doing so eversince 2002, when he was just producer. I've even bought the unofficial college dropout with the original coming home again with John Legend. I bought a slew of Kanye West Mixtapes(befor you could download). The zDropout Bear T-Shirts. All his albums except 808's and heartbreaks. Tuns of magazines everything. I'm one of the biggest kanye fans on the planet. But one thing that watching Kanye has taught me was to promote yourself, and think of yourself as a brand. You can sit back for so long and watch other people playing in the game without wanting to get in the game and become the next big success. I mean as much as Jay idolized his big brother Jay for the longest, there is no way Kanye didn't feel he wanted to be that successful if not even more. I mean back in 2003 Jay came out with his own sneaker, the S. Carters. Yes the sole of the old Gucci's if you upset sue me!!!! LOL! Jay's sneaker sold out all over( I even had the Brown and tan linen pair I used to wear with a tan kangol and a brown suit, When I thought a suit and sneakers was ill. I was young, tryin new things, if you upset Sue Me!!!!!). But the Yeezy's and the Loui's have surpassed Jay's S. Carter collection bigtime!!!! What i'm saying is watching Kanye's Growth has empowerd me to build upon the Milt-Fresh Brand. Yes I know it's a small Fraction, compared to anything Kanye puts out. But I have to start from somewhere. This blog THE MILT-FRESH EXPERIENCE, was birthed out of that feeling. I feel I have something to contribute to the world. I have a voice, I have an opinion that has to be heard. I mean on a local level i've seen the power of the Milt-Fresh Brand has on people. I mean from Music, to Clothing, preaching and motivational speaking, theres a need for Milt-fresh. So for me purchasing the Yeezy's or Louis in my eyes would be funding somebody elses ideas and creativity. You maybe saying what do you think you're doing when your purchasing a pair of Zota's or Stacys or some GBX shoes? And yes you do have a great point. However, when you buy into yeezy's, Loui's, jordan, or whatever, your buying into them because the larger than life person puts they're stamp of approval on them saying buy these shoes because that indiviual says they're hot. Me I want to buy into something because I say they're hot. Thats why I don't wear conventional suits any more. I only wear dashiki suits hand crafted by my dad and I from our brand the Brown Collection. I got tired of representing what some person in italy, japan, and idia felt was it!!!! And yes I do still buy into certain brands but they're brands that I feel meet my requirements and standards of style. And thats the purpose of all of this. It's to inspire people to attain their own. There are people in my city who feel I empower and inspire them to be better or creative. That's why I work with the youth. Because I want to teach them to find themselve and not feel pressured by society to be something your not. You have to be in touch with yourself. But one thing I will say is I do respect Kanye's conglomerat.

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