Monday, July 13, 2009

Amerie's Why R U video is hands down the Flyest, Freshest, and FuZzYiEsT video out right now!!!!

Nothing beats the Stylish quality that this video posseses. So much strength, so much grace and attitude from Amerie who carries off each of her looks with Raw edge and sex appeal. Right now there isn't a video, from a female that's weight like this. I don't care about huge ego's and all of that!!! They no seein Amerie right now. I mean you got to have guts to pull off the Fur feather number and still look sexy. Yeah beyone's done it befor, But this video has street edge to it. It also brings back a past lover of mine. The use of leather pants. Whether it's male or female I've been fond of leather pants. Leather and Fur are always going to be signs of stand out Luxuery. When paired together always leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those who onlook. Tilts my Godfather hat to the stylist and the choreographer. Pictures don't actually do it justice. You got to see it for yourselves.

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