Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are we still following what he doez???!!!

O.k. with the long awaited Blueprint 3 on the way from one of the biggest namez in Hip-Hop Jay-z, it iz of thiz blogger'z interest that we question his staying power az a trendsetter. No we can't lie, Jay-z haz definetly set the most trendz period. Mischino (well that waz biggie and Jay). Iceberg Sweaterz(well the concept waz all biggs but Jay brought it to the forefront). Throwback Jerseyz(started by outkast but Jay helped bring that to the forefront as well). Then there waz the whole grown and sexy movement(throw on a suit get it taperd up!!!). He went through that stint where he grew his hair out nappy like kanye. Wore blazers with the arab scarvez. Wore gold supras(umbrella video). Killed the mess out of Bathing Ape. And now he'z got thiz new thing for wearing Black leather jacketz. Recently, Jay haz been on hiz Louis Vuitton sneakerz fix by photographing all of hiz Kanye Loui's on hiz I-phone. Then he waz seen in these photographz with hiz arm candy/wife Beyonce Strolling with the Kanye Loui Jasper kickz. But now a dayz people are wondering what jay iz about with hiz style? Critics feel he'z searching for an identity in thiz style world by latching on to so many differennt lookz. Well i'll put it to you like thiz, Jay iz doing no different than Style writer for GQ Magazine, Glen O'Brian(style guy blogger for GQ'z website). Nobody sayz anything about Glen when he talkz about his love for mixing in brandz like Supreme into his regal wardrobe. In fact he'z praised for doing so, and itz considerd gold becauze he'z the G.Q. Mag style guy. Jay-z iz no different. Kanye haz said it best, Jay is our Frank Sinatra. He can do no wrong. Jay iz letting people know, even through the clothing you got to keep it real with ya rootz. "Jay let you know on Swagger like us", he can't wear skinny jeanz cauze hiz knotz don't fit. If we saw jay saggin extra tight jeanz we would be calling him a poser!!! He makez the world understand in hiz new record "DOA" that he ain't in the project hallwayz talkin bout how he in the projectz all day! Hiz style, his persona, and most of all hiz character letz you know he'z grown up but he ain't changin hiz image for nobody! He'z letting you know he'z not ashamed of being from Marcy but itz a new day!!!!! And I can respect a man who still stayz true to himself in a world where keeping it real and true are distorted imagez. It'z funny, hip-hop waz built on an essence of keeping it real but in actuality it'z a culture that forcez you to buy into it. If you don't have theze sneakerz your not on my level!!! IF YOU AIN'T RIDIN IN THAT PHANTOM YOU NEED TO GET LIKE ME!!!! But I thought keeping it real waz about being comfortable and content with what one haz already. IDK, i'm guilty of too but not like them, we lost one!!!!

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