Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do you fit the stereotype

When people look at Stereotypes, they think of Negative Characterizations of a person, race, reliion or culture. But what we don't understand is that we all are stereotypes. Further more we are all sterotyping eachother subliminally. I've done it a lot. Walking in the mall I see the dude with the Dead Party shirt with dead party jeans with timbs and a fitted on, i'm like who let the trapper in here!!!!! Hope he's not tryna pump crack in here!!! LOL!!! Or like when I used to go the club and it used to be filled with white boys with spray on tans with the Spikey Hair. Yes I know, you want to say Gotti Boys but the fraise is Guido!!! But I mean we can even go to how people feel about Jewish people. They're Doctors and Lawyers but in history have been known as money grubbing penny pinchers, who shop in the salvation army but have money stashed under floor boards of their houses. But even more with the clothes we wear we are stereotyped. Befor the LO- Lifes started Boosting Ralph Lauren Polo, when you thought of th Brand you thought of White Yuppies that made laws and controled wallstreet. When I think of Jordans I think of dudes with sagging jeans and fitted caps. Armani Exchange I think of Italians from New Jersey. When I think of Stacy Adams I think of a blackman over 50. Or being ignorant to think that every person of Orient descent does Martial Arts or eat chopped dog!!!! There are a million of them, however the power behind it takes root when you decide to allow the negative aspect of the stereotype to become you. In this life we are all going to be stereotyped for who we are and what we represent. It's deeper than race and religion. The type of person you are is being attacked as well. Where do you think demographics come in. Because big bussiness wants to make money so they gear different people, places, things and ect that identifies with a certain group of people. While these images are being promoted, many are being taken advantage of, being misguided, misused or misrepresented. The idea iss this, we must rise above our stereotypes. When people look at me, they see this loud dressing flashy mac daddy who feels he has the world by the string. And thats alright, but when people hear me speak I come across different from what you expect to see. You can't judge a book by it's cover. Yes i'm black, yes i'm from the hood, but thats not going to determine my progress.

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