Thursday, July 30, 2009

WORK IT GURL!!!!!!!!

As a man of style and flair I must say I can definetly appreciate a woman in a pair of Heelz. Peep Toez, Wedgez, pumpz, Platformz, and ect I love it all. O.k. i'm gonna be real I have a shoe fetish!!!! I love to see my full figured beauty pookie strut her stuff in a mean pair!!!! It drivez a brotha wild. See I enjoy the fine craftsmenship that goez into creating such workz of art. One brand that I personally love to watch iz Bakers. Thiz iz why I've selected a few of my personal favoritez from their collectionz that will surely snap the kneckz of theze hatin broadz!!!! Don't let the air force onez on a down day fool you. My pookie will work you birdz!!! LOL!

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