Wednesday, July 1, 2009


In a world where the Well Dressed man is embraced as the man to be. Whatever form you you try to morph yaself into of this type indiviual, one thing is everyone of them have a philosphy about watches. Many of the dopeboys are infatuated with Jacoobs with the Ice. Many dopeboys who can't afford the Jacobs hit the next best thing, Techno Marines and Techno Masters. Then there are the wallstreet types who enjoy the preseige of a Rolex. Then the more sleeker love the Movados. The skaters and cool kids from soho are lovin the old school Casios. Well to make this short, i'm in love DOLCE GABBANA TIME WATCHES. To me they add the type of flair I love. Even their simple watches, are logo filled with the D&G time in the face, that lets you know what tiime it is!!! Yes i'm in love with the Flashy ish!! Sue me!!!! This orange joint really exemplifies the extent the company goes when trying to make exquisit peices. Definetly will grab attention.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I like this Watch If i see you with it you know imma try and steal it lol