Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fashion For The well Seasoned Man By Milton “Milt-Fresh” Brown, Jr

This was a winter Fashion artical I wrote for my dude Peeps's up and Coming Mag Tryptic. Mag had a hard time getting off the ground. So I decided to put it on my blog to showcase my Journalism skills.

As the Arctic chill descends upon our bones, it becomes easier to put comfort over fashion. But, lets face it; the UCLA sweatshirt, matching drawstring gym shorts and the flip flops aren’t going to cut it at the social events of the year. For a man of the moment, it hurts the soul, to walk to your closet; only to find you have nothing to wear. But fret not my Gentlemen of leisure. Here are some essential items a man needs to stay in the mix and out of the cold.
The Three Piece Suit: God’s gift to man was the invention of such a staple in menswear. The great part of the three piece suit is its versatility. Each article of the threesome can be paired with other items to produce, numerous eye catching outfits. You can convey the mullet effect, by pairing the jacket and vest with an extraordinary pair of jeans. On the other hand, the vest and pants minus the jacket brings forth a very chic appearance. However nothing speaks volumes when all three reunite to convey an image of pure elegance.

Cap Toe Dress shoes: Ok I understand, pointed toe dress shoes remind you too much of high heel pumps!!! For the man who wishes to stay with the classics instead of embracing the trendy, I suggest the timeless Cap Toes. Unlike many other shoe selections, Cap toes have the power to accentuate your pants. Like Sampson and his hair, supremacy lies in the round front of the shoe. However, when dealing with any pair of shoes, there has to be a marriage between the hemline and the shoe. There’s no such thing as one without the other.

The Trench Coat: Nothing breaths grace and Sophistication into an outfit like the perfect trench. This is why it’s been a fixture in not just Men’s Fashion but pop culture in general. Whether it’s double or single breasted; three quarter length; or my personal favorite, the full length. Whatever your preference, the trench has the ability add class to your look be it dressed down or up.

Dark Blue Denim Jeans: We are living in the age where buying jeans can become a hazard to your health. Aside from finding the best fit, finding the right color and style can find you testing how true your religion is. There are too many washes and too many jeans that are in distress. We need to go back to jeans that looked luxurious instead of poverty stricken. In good taste I give to Dark Blue Denim Jeans or what I like to call Navy Blue Hard Denim jeans. What makes Navy Blue hard Denim so striking is their clean cut appearance. Light blue jeans give you the effect of a dress down day. Navy Blue hard denim has the power to make any outfit wearable at any function.

Dress hats: The old saying goes a man isn’t dressed unless he’s got a hat on. However, what discourages most men from wearing them are the numerous hat laws society has dumped upon us. But don’t allow these sartorial rules kill your joy. A great dress hat can enhance every look with the same effect as the Trench Coat. The wild part is there are so many different types to suit your taste. For the casual affair you have the Newsboy cap. For the aristocrat in you, there’s the Homberg or Godfather hat as it’s called. For today’s hipster, you have the Stingy brim. There are many options. You just have to find one that suits your taste.

Be yourself: Most of all, a well Seasoned Man needs to remember to be himself. These items mean absolutely nothing unless a body inhabits them. The body is controlled by a soul. A soul has personality. Let your light shine through. Don’t be afraid to
be yourself, which is the best advice for the Well Seasoned man.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe i Liked that. Yes you have great journalism skills i toatally can imagine pickin up a magazine and seeing ya articles in there. Great job babe