Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Definitive style battle: Great Shoes vs Great outfits

In the style world there are two different types of people. People who are lovers of great outfits and then there are people who are lovers of great shoes. Let me explain, when getting dressed there are people who start with their shoes and base everything around them, or there are those who base the majority of concept around the surrounding outfit. The thing I find mostly funny is it's not so hard to tell. Well, Mr. Milt-Fresh smarty pants how do you come to this conclusion? Well elementary my dear Dummy!!! You see I start by looking at the outfit as a whole and I start to see what lacks!!! If we're dealing with a mans outfit, such as oh I don't know DIDDY, we look at him head to toe. We make an inference. He wears great suits, but his shoes, are rather plain. The fanciest shoe we've probably seen him in was a pair of paten leathers or a pair of white joints. So when you study the majority of Diddy's pics you see him in the best suits, but some ok shoes(but you know they cost a mint!!!! LOL). For men its hard to say what makes a sick off the wall shoe. Because there are some men who don't go over board with the designs. And this is true, but what are the best shoes a man could pull off that would let the world know they were dress shoe enthusiests? Well you have Spectator shoes, Wingtips, spats, loafers, and ect. It's not hard. Now for woman, I decided to use two females who are a great example of Shoe enthusiests. My Pookie Girl veronica and Kanye's on again off again, girl Amber Rose. Now on my pookie, she might beat me up, but she knows it's true. Her shoe Game at times stands out harder than her clothes. Why because she bases a lot of her fits around the sickest eye catching heels that everyday women die for. Not to say her outfits won't hurt you, no siree!!! But this female does not mind admitting she is a shoe fanatic. Now to kanye's chick. She's another who centers her fits around the sickest shoes. Which at times is kind of rair in entertainment for women. Most fashionable woman are thought of to be a more Sara Jessica parkerish, who is the queen of the outfit game. But Amber knows the importance of a mean shoe game. I mean take a compicated outfit like the one where she's wearing Pink tights and the Black and shoes and matching bag. The pink pants were to distort the eye into watching her figure more. But soon it drew us to her eye catching shoes, which to me speak for themselves with or without the pants. Ok, now for those of you who feel there has to be a happy medium between the two. Someone whose into both outfits and shoes, there is. ITS ME!!!!! My personal opinion, you can't have one without the other. My shoes and the outfit have to stand out. My philosphy is this, don't go half way with anything. If you gonna go to the edge of the cliff jump off of it!! And I apply the same philosophy to getting dressed. Even if I'm wearing a casual shoe, it has to stand out in some order. Whether it's through color or style. A man who I admired who was able to blend both was Fred Astair. In his movies, his outfits never lacked. If he had a three peice with the vest, he had emaculet spats to finish off the job. But the thing about the wide spectrum is where your interest lies.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Amber rose know i want them shoes and clutch purse she fly and so am i lol you used us as an example cause i love shoe shoppin, but in my book diddy cant mess with my babe he be fly but babe in ya words fuzziest lol i like this blog post