Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm bringin FuZzY back!!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll!!! LOL1 I thank everybody who has been lookin out for ya boy since the passing of my grandmother!! We are holdin up rather well. My mom has her moments, but what do you expect? That's her mother and best friend. But any way, me and this dude cardi was havin a conversation about Hip-Hop and fashion and I was talkin about doin a TV show dedicated to the topics at hand. one things for sure is that New Haven needs a public access show dedicated to what real fashion is about. Befor I go on my rampage (cause you know I'm bout to go sick!!), I'd like to shout out Cousin Twizz on channel 28. Everytime i've seen him he's showed me nothin but love. Shout out to Mike Nice too who also hosts the mike nice show!! But anyway for a while I've been wanting a show dedicated to representing real fashion, real trends, real style, raw raps, just on some real FuZz junk. so back to the coversation, I was sayin I wanted to bring New Haven to the level where we were back in 2001 and 2001 when cats were original with their dress codes. Dudes weren't tryin to be the next man. So I started mentionin dudes who were settin the trends and stuntin hard out of New York. Soon as I mentioned them, dude did a slow burn because it was like I was leavin New Haven out of the loop. but I explaned to dude For a few mins I have to leave CT out of the loop for a min because of our current state of fashion. If I do the show, I can't look at it as a CT thing. This is a FuZz thing!!! If you FuZz you FuZz. If your a true trendsetter and a tastemaker then It doesn't matter where you from. But in New Haven dudes is a bunch of copy cats!!! CT in general looks over the fence at what New York is doing.Then they turn around 3 years later and decide it's hot to rock!!! I hate that!!! I mean I look back when Fila went out of style up here. Dudes would go to work on you if you had some Fila kicks or Fila anything. But in Atlanta Dudes had never stopped wearing Fila. I remember they had a picture of the whole Dungeon Family. Everybody from Goody Mobb, outkast, sleepy brown, Young Bloodz, everybody was there. Well one dude had on a whole Fila Sweatsuit, with Fila Kicks, and Fila hat!! This was back in 2000. Dudes were lookin at the pic like, who wears Fila?!! But everybody down there was rockin Fila kicks!! That's the sneaker that represents their city!! But what happened? For Fila to be hot to rock up north, dudes had to see Fabolous rockin a Fila Sweatsuit with the Fila kicks in the xxl mag. What happened? Expressions downtown started stocking up with Fila Kicks. Dudes was rockin Fila kicks in New Haven actin like they doin somethin!!! What am I mad about, you was rockin em cause they looked Fly, you was rockin it cause somebody had to tell you too!!! Dudes aren't settin trends. They jumpin on the trends because it's easy to do what the next man is doing!! It takes two sets of Balls to do ya own thing. And in New Haven I don't see it. Like my TI said on that track, king of the south on trap music, "Theres only five rappers in atlanta who bussin and I'm one of em!!! the other four you know who you are!!!" It's only six dudes in New Haven who are really doin there own thing!! One is my partner in this FuZz game, PEEPS GUNNA, the other is this dude Minister Mills who I know. Then theres dude Mook who used to lead Mod Squad Drill team!!! I don'tknow dude like that, but since I started seein him in 01 he has always come through with fly junk that has been trendsetting worthy to New Haven, CT. There can't just be six episodes about six dudes who are known trendsetters and fly dudes in the city. I need a show that's going to show people who push it to the limits!!! I don't want a show with some dudes who through some Ed Hardy hoodies and Jeans, with the Ed Hardy trucker and some Jordans and tryin to front about havin style. Thats not what I want for a show!!! I want to hit stores that represent what Fashion and Style are about in New Haven. But we just can't hit Jimmies, or Expressions, or for dress wear sample Shop, Backers and classic mens wear or for the closest thing to black luxery street wear, the Yuppy Boutique. Wow five shows!!! How would the show survive with!! If I do a show, I'm not just trying to be on for a s8 episodes. I'm trying to be on for at least a ten year spand bringin the world what true FuZz is all about!! Steppin out with New Innovative styles in clothing and accessories, and not caring what the world thinks or says!! Yes I can talk cause I do this junk everyday!!!I walk down the street, in the grocery store, at my job, at my church, at the corner store, at the mall FuZzEd up in bright color suits, Wild hats, sick jewelry, Off the wall shoes!! Either you love me or hate me!! But atleast i'm showin you what the deal is. The only reason dudes ain't jock my style is because one, my dad and I make our suits, and I'm always searchin for original junk!!! And i'm telling!! Dudes always want to know, where can I get this suit, were can I get that hat!!! You just got to be you and come up with ya own concepts!!! Most of all stat consistant!!! Oh and you chiks ain't exempt neither!!! it's wild about four years ago ya'll was walkin around with ya heads tied up with pajama bottoms on,lookin at me like why you all dressed up to come here? Now ya'll tryin to rock pearl neclaces, dresses, skirts,high heels, oversized shades and heels!!! What happens when that fad dies out? Are we going back to head scarves and pajama bottoms again? Like I said when I do decide to do a public access television show, it's going to bring this style called FuZz to the masses!! Regardless where you from, or what your race or gender is. my only guidlines are that whatever it is must be cutting edge or original.

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