Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What's FuZzN Ya'll, today was an up and down day. Last part of the day was fun. Went to my favorite store, Classic menswear. I've got a couple hats and a pair of shoes on the way. But today, I had to pull out the multi-colored snakeskin Brutini's. Had to bring em out of retirement!! Some 06 action for em!! Funny story about these shoes, the first day I wore these I was with my pookie. However, this is befor we had started dating. She was on her way to class and I was hangin in the hallway. We were outside of her classroom, and she looked down at my shoes and said, "HEY SNAKE!!" So out of nowhere she storms off to her math class, and I grabbed her by the hand so she could give a proper hug!! I mean I was tryin to bag her then!! LOL! Then she had the evil demon face and yelled "GET OFF OF ME!!!" She snatched her hand away and walked in the classroom. About two days later she IM'S me, on some Hi honey how are you? I'm like i'm surprised you speakin to me!!! She knew I was talkin about the other day. She said She was just cramping and she was on her period!!!! Yo in these very same shoes I had felt the horror of a one veronica smith scorned by her period!!! LOL! Not a pretty sight!!!LOL! But it's all good. Back to the shoes, I have to say these are one of my favorite pairs. Granted a lot of dudes have these shoes, I love to brg that I had them first. Which is the truth. I had to get my GiOrGiO BrUtInI mobster on today!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Lol Loved It made Me laugh u Are Crazy For Telling That Story!!!!