Thursday, May 1, 2008


Man this week has been wild. Sunday night my girl's grandfather passes away. then my grandmother paases away Wedsday. I mean a dude is still at a lost for words, cause I saw her the day befor,she was in better condition than me. Yo this sounds morbid but every year I just be sittin thinkin about whose going to be next to pass away. I've never told any body that. It's like year after year God just see's fit to take his children home. I treat it like Jada said it in the Original "we gon make it joint", Why don't we laugh at death, then cry at birth. That junk is real too!!! cause When you look at a baby all you see is the innocents. You don't see all the heart ache, the pain, and the evil that this world inflicts on you. But death, depending on what type of life you have lead, can only be peaceful. Eternal life with Jesus!! Everyday is like sunday!!! Streets are paved with Gold!!!But, see since we are of flesh we only deal with the seperation from our loved ones. Not bein able to see them again. Lookin back on memories and asking "God why did he take them?" I think what Got me was it was so out of the blue!! I saw her the day befor, she was fine. then had a heart attack in her sleep. Well anyway my grandmother was my inspirations. ASs you can see I come from a long line of FuZzY individuals!!! That's how my MAMA HASKINS was!!! Straight up gettin Fly on that sunday morning service statis!! LOL! Straight up though, i love how cool my grandmother was! I remember I taught her how to give me Dap!!! LOL! That junk was funny!! Or how she taught me how to say nigga after every sentence(ok, that was her and my grandfather, a lot had rubbed off on her)!!LOL! Traveling down south with her was so much fun!!! When I was 12, I was into Wu-Tang, She went out and bought me my first Wu-Wear Shirts. She had bought me he joint With the big old GZA G on it. Then about a year later she bought this Wu-Wear Basketball Jersey(ME IN A JERSEY? Yes but i was WU-WEAR So there suckaz!!) that looked like a New York Knicks joint. She bought me my first pair of Ecko Jeans, that was back in 1997 when homey was spellin it ECHO!! LOL! That woman knew how to shop for me. She was a Gemini just like her grandson!! LOL!! She spoiled me like crazy. I think the hardest part of this is watching my mother break down and cry every so often!! Hey that was her best friend. My mother took care of her. But i know my mom will pull through. It's funny, there are some people who call up wishing to hear the worst so they can say "Oh the perfect family has gone of the deep end!!" but people are got to understand we are going to grieve. However, we have to move on with life. She would want it like that!!! Man just gets their kicks out of seeing people gt histerical then having to Coach them through a 9 mounth healing process. However, I beleave that if you have a special connection with Jesus Christ, he can mend your broken spirit. There are going to be some times when it's going to be hard to keep a smile on ya face. But, we have to look to God to see us through. Most of all while we are on this side we need to prepare ourselves for when God calls us home. We need to make sure our house is in order. My Grandmother is already up there!!! We are the ones who are living under the clutches of stress. But anyway, thank yyou to everyone who has called me or looked out for me during this time.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Baby That Blog Was Very Sincere I Love It And yeas I must Agree With You Ya Grand Mother Is Rather Sharp In That Picture And She Was Very beautiful. You Kinda Favor Her Well Like You Told me Things Will Get better I Love You Baby And You Know I'm Here For You♥ No matter What!!!!