Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight was one of those nights!! Nah I can't front, I had mad fun at the T-Pain concert at Toads Place. I can't lie though, It's a lot of rude and angry people in the city of New Haven. Yo we all packed ourselves in one area to see one man perform!! We already know it's going to be cramped, hot, sweaty, whatever!!! Theres no need for the sex attitudes!! Any way, it was a nappy boy production!! LOL!! This chick I went to school with was in huge tug of war with a white chick, over a towel our head liner flung into the crowd. Yo i was pain attention to their names, but he had this group of sexy chicks performing with him!! But, the highlight of the evening was when T-Pain called out the flyest man in New Haven about his style. No lie, word on the FuZz, on everything I love! I'm standin there with my dude cardi, so I'm just chillin, relaxin. So, T-Pain and the crew start shoutin out the promoters. So T-Pain yelled out, "YO WE GOT PIMPS IN THE BUILDING!!" So I wasn't payin attention!!! I'm off in my own zone!! So Cardi, says to em, "YO THAT'S MY BOY MILT-FRESH THEY TALKIN BOUT!!!" So right now I'm laughin, the dude T-Pain says, "Show Let me see the ring!!" He seemed to be pleased. Imagine these niggaz got all types of Sick Juelz!!! They coplimentin me on my junk!! So then T-pain wants me to do a pimp laugh for him. Everybody tryin to amp me to gt on stage to laugh for him. I declined, T-Pain then ays to me, "now you either a pimp or a a trench coat mafia dude, and I know you not one of those!!!" I still wouldn't do it. At the end of the show everybody was sayin I should have went up there. This is how I feel about that. I ain't about to degrade the FuZz by actin like a clown for the audiance. It's enough of our people degrading themselves for exposure. Beleave me, everybody in there knows who T-Pain was talking about!!! I had one dude come up to me and tell all the places he saw me at in past six mounths(which is very scary)!!! But, I don't need to degrade the FuZz game Just for a shot at being on stage. But shout out to T-Pain and he nappy boys crew for giving me the thumbs up!!! Oh and befor I go this is a message to all of NEW HAVEN: Ya'll corny for bein up in my face grillin me, then when he makes a comment about it, Yall want to speak to me!!! Had people who I know can't stand me tryin to be cool with me!! Ya'll some sad Jurks, from these dudes to these chicks!!! Well my job is done. Had mad fun!!! See ya'll later. got to work in the morning.


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well Looks Like You Had An Eventful night And i Might As Well Add You Look Rather Sexy♥

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!! That's Swagger baby.... and thank you for not playin' the fool for dude. My respect for you just sky rocketed even more!!! Stay FRESH!!!