Friday, April 18, 2008


Yo these cd's shapped my love for music. From Wu-tang to CNN to Jay-z to that qb joint they all helpped me become a true lover of Hip-Hop Music. I mean These CD's capture the essence of that spand between 1993 to 2001. I mean look at on Cam'Ron's confessions of Fire that came out around 99. That was befor he was just relying on Harlem Swag to get him by. He had an unorthidox flow but he really had bars. I'll never forget he did a freestyle with Nore for a old, old, DJ Clue mixtape, he came out of Nowhere talkin bout "You garbage so we pack trash, smoke weed inside a gas mask, run in church crash mass." I mean cam could really rap, but we all know how that story ends!! LOL! Lets talk about Wu-Tang!! Talk to anybody who knows me personally from 5th grade to 10th grade and they will tell you I was a wu-fanatic. From the moment I heard inspecta deck talkin bout "I smoke on the mic like smokin joe frazier its the Hell raiser raisin hell with the flavor"!!! man wu-tang couldn't do no wrong to me!!! LOL!! They were the wild dust heads but they were cool. But what was hot about them was it just wasn't the clan by themselves, you had Killa Army, tekketha, grave giggaz, sunz of man, GP-WU, Wu-syndicate. Wu-Syndicate was wild with that where was heaven joint(when I look back at that joint it was mad disrespectful). That QB Joint has mad lyrical content but the number one song on that album has to be oochie wally!!! All I remeber was Hillhouse High school sweetheart ball back in 01 and they messed around and played it before it actually hit radio!!! Man all you saw was chicks and dresses bendin it low, man I remember I got about 3 lapdances off that junk!!!! LOL!! They played it 3 times that night!!!! Nobody had heard it befor. But let me back track four months before oochie wally came out, they made that Marly Marl song about qb that has nas, capone, prodigy, havoc, nature and the rest of them queens dudes on it. At the same time that's when that beef between Jay-Z and Nas was brewing. Go back to Nas's verse when Nas answered Memphis Bleek for what he said in that "I got my min right, money right ready for war". Nas said"oh you didn't ant to know whose life was written, the Ice, the woman, kites i'm sendin." Yo on the real, that video alone showed a lot of hood fashion at its best. I mean Capone had on the dapper dan Gucci sweatsuit with the Gucci tag hangin from the sleeve (it was dapper dan cause you know Gucci ain't put out nothin like that), prodigy and nas had the large snorkle jackets with the fur, with the queensbridge chains. Yo and even go back to the chains, Prodigy had the 40 inch chain(40 inch cables, drinkin white label, my chain hang down to my d*@k). Whats wild about that is to see the out come of everybody who was in that video. Cause none of those guys get along any more. Mobb deep, nature, Cormega, and Nore all can't stand Nas now. Specially after Nas aired out all the bridge's laundry on the bridge is over part 2 on Stillmatic. I was shocked when he came at Prodigy like that. He been down with Mobb Deep sice 93, then even going back prior to that when they were growin up. He had joints on Mobb Deep' Hell on earth and that joint "Ya'll need to give it up"(can't remember the name of it). That QB's Finest joint also brought Roxanne Shanté out of retirement for about 5 seconds. She did a joint with Mobb Deep(we live this). Home girl was just lettin these female rappers know what the deal was. She told em she ain't care about weather they was strippers or their sexual preference but just as long as they flow was on point. Ain't nobody say nothin about that. Ain't nobody come at her for sayin that junk. That was also around the time when Foxxy and Kim was beefin strong. Specialy after that record on the classic Capone and Noreaga Album the reunion. That song they did BANG BANG was a classic for so many reasons. On one hand it also marked the return of Foxxy Brown to the rap game, when everybody said she was finished. Her at the time future Husband Kurupt from the Dogg Pound, called it quits on her after hearing rumors that she was sleeping with DMX. Then on top of that Jay-z had been snubbin Foxxy by not signin her to Rocafella. Then everybody knows about her crashin in her Range Rover. So around 1999-2001 things weren't lookin up for Ms. Ill na na. On top of that until the Capone n Noreaga Joint, she had nothing out music wise. Secondly, she finally adressed her beef with Lil Kim on a track. Befor It was just Kim goin hard on Fox on everything. Started on the Mobb Deep remix to "quiet Storm'. Then Kim came to the basement mad times and would say mad slick subliminal messages in her rhymes when she would freestyle. But Fox killed kim on that Bang Bang track. She came out with that openin "Hot d@^m H@ here we go again." Man, when I heard that for the first time my mouth dropped wide open. Basicly cause she used Lil kim's Line from quiet storm. she really destroyed here when she said "why is you frontin, and kickin that street S#i^, please and impress me, go back to that freak s#i^." I mean she told Kim let biggy rest in peace hop of his D!*K, do you. Then she told h kim, her gives a F^#@ if you album pushed back, when it hits the streets it's still weak. I mean don't get me wrong Capone and Nore did their thing, but Fox's verse made it a classic. Yo now that i'm takin a trip down memory lane, remember when DMX was noted as the Hottest rapper around 98-2000. I mean his first album (It's dark and Hell is hot) was a classic. You had "stop bein greedy", "Ruff Ryders anthem", "Get at me Dog", oh my favorite hood love song of all time"How its goin down". i mean the joints that weren't even singles were hot, like "Look thru my eyes", Damien(that was some crazy junk, dude talkin to the devil), "For My Dogs" and the best song up there... N!$$@s done started something". X and the Lox went hard, but it was the first time you heard Murda Mase instead of Flashy Mase. I mean he actually spat raw on that album. He said "You don't really want to come try, the one guy, who stays dumb high from blunt ly, Iraq sing sing alumni, whose got more beef than an islamic farm." That junk put a lot of faith back into mase. Cause I only thought he was only good enough to be a commercial rapper. All that junk junk brings back so many memories. this is what hip-hop used to be. I hate all this crank this watch me that, get silly and any other non sense!!! Lets go back to the way things were.

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