Friday, April 25, 2008


I feel New York Fashion as a whole, has the gift and a curse syndrome. On one hand New York is one of the most influential places for style. So many different people with so many different looks, feelings and ideas. You have street wear fashion, you have luxery fashion, people who are going vintage, 80's baby, and preppy. In the city you have it all. On the other hand, because of so much diversity, it seems at times everybody is trying so hard to prove that they are on top of fashion. And yes I fall victum to it at times, however i've never been in an area where everybody is trying to look sooooo hip and trendy. on myspace i've seen many picks of dudes takin flicks at the club, posing with a bottle of Moet and a pair of D&G kicks on!!! It's so many clicks and crews who feel they are on top of the fashion game. I'll give it to NY trendsetters though, at least they were up on it befor the rest of the country. Back in 04 Prada World cup kicks were the biggest thing in the city. But it's 08 and New Haven, CT is just catchin up with them. What hurts New Haven is that we are stay in this mentality that there has to be a reason to get fly or fresh. I can walk down the street in my own hood where people have known me for years and ask,"YO, WHERE YOU GOIN DRESSED UP?!" Where in New York that's their way of life. They stunt cause they feel like stuntin. What kills me are the Hood People(from New York) who are up on fashion!!! LOL!! OH MY GOSH THEY KILL ME!! They be actin like they are the authority on everything!!! "Yo nigga I ain't never seen you on 5th Ave!!! Homey I always be in Soho!!!" "Yo fam you copped those from Barney's, I've never seen them junks in their!!!" I'm gona be real, and don't be mad at me for this statement. At times black people take the class out of everything. You get a couple dudes who were able to rub a couple nickles together after selling dime bags, and they decide to switch from Jordans to the Gucci's. Yes I must say you stuntin in them Gucci's(I would be a hater if I didn't tell you that) however, the way you come across is so disgusting!!! Shouting out that you have an authentic Coach purse means nothing if you don't have class to go with it. Your just a loud heffa with an official Coach bag. We spent thousands of years trying earn our way off the cotton feilds into society and now we've come so far that we can act like trash in expensive clothes!! Now i'm not trying to slap New York or dis any of my New York people, cause I have a lot of love for the city. It's just for 5 years a couple crew out of New York have been sickening me with their actions on this myspace junk. And it's not everybody. Just my opinion, what do I know? But What did dog pound say back in the day? New York, New York, in the city of dreams, everyday in New york ain't always what it seems!! O.k. no matter which way I write this, it's still gona sound like a slap in the face to New York!!!


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Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

I'm from Brooklyn NY and ain't mad atcha bro....there's a lot of pretentious cats out here but, game recognize game whatever the style may be.... it's about being you and doing it effortlessly. and by the way, NY isn't even the fashion capital (anymore) it's just where you tend to see more fashion. (the capital to me is where the laws are written ... not just copied)