Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yo today I took a trip to the Milford Mall, ran up in H&M and what was up in there? The most sickest bag a dude has ever see. Right now i'm going bag crazy. Wether its a duffle bag, Breifcase, or a straight up murse I gots to have it. But it got to be on that Sick FuZz though!!! See I gots to give it to H&M they make sick accessories for the dudes. Thats why I mess with them. Urban outfitters is second to them, I rocks with them for the Fred Perry Duffle's. Kenneth Cole Reaction is mean on the breifcases. I mmean you got to switch up ya joints!!!! When you mean bussiness you break out the breifcase. When you want to be a lil sporty/ a walking billboard, you break out the Fred Perry bag. Then if you want to walk that line and show em what bein a man is about, you kill em with the murse.Yo i'm gona be real, it takes a lot of balls for a man to wear a man purse. Cause it's not normal. I remember when kanye was on Hot 97 with Angie Martinez, when he was responding to Beanie Segal's comments about being Gay. I'll never forget kanye was like, "how can I be gay? If I was gay I would be tryin to rock timbs and baggy jeans and a fitted because the industry wouldn't be able to handle a Gay rapper." But his last statement was the bagsClencher, "how am I gay, My hoody is Extra bright, my louis vuitton bag is bigger than most chicks!!" And yo when I tell you his bag was huge, his bag was huge!!! That junk was mean FuZz too!!! Moral of the story is it takes a real man to a bag

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow "MURES"? Love The Anoolgy For Man Purse i must Admitt I Loke The Bag Whe I Saw it My Eyes Got Big That Bag Really Can Catch Some ones Attention In A Good Way Yea You Already Know It'll Attratct Your Avarage Haters but Come On This Is America It's To be Expected But I like The bag Babe You Did It Agai♥