Wednesday, April 16, 2008


NAH ya'll this ain't Alicia Please!! LOL! o.k. I'm wrong but for all ya'll who don't know this chick is the newest female sensation out of chicago land. I'm talking about non other than Kid Sister. The black hair threw you off, didn't it?! Yes it's the same chick who brought us the anthem for all project hefas and sisters who spend every weekend gettin pedicure and manicure, Pronails. Yo that song is so catchy, "GOT HER TOES DONE UP WITH HER FINGER NAILS MATCHIN"!!! yo. that chick knows how to rock a show in heels. I was watchin her performance at this years MTV spring break, and that chick was killin the dress and with the open toe heels!!! It was funny cause here you are performing to a packed group of hormone blasting, half naked college(some high shool) kids, and you look like your gona shop on Rodeo drive. Yo once again ya boy is smitten. I had to let Raven go, this my new wifey, June Ambrose is my brown skin wifey. Lauren from the Hills is my white girl on the side. And Roni, that's my heart!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Agree With you She is Very Pretty. Wow Finally Gave Raven The Boot Huh? lol