Monday, May 19, 2008


Yo i got to stop showin ya'll the new additions to the family!!! Yeah these are the Stacy Adams Black and white patten leather wing tip Daytons. Just got em today from my dudes Down at Classic Men's Wear. Yo, shout out to my guys at Classic Men's Wear, they always get me the best of the best of the best dress shoes, at the player price(Glc Chi state of mind).I kind of switched up the game on ya'll just a bit. Its funny now everybody wants to wear pointed toe shoes now!!! I had some of the first pairs back in 05!!! I mean I done destroyed Zota a million times over!!! Got Pointed toe Zota's I haven't even worn yet!!! I still rock some of them. My pointed toe waynes get work, a few others do too. But now, time to stop playin, I'm gona bring it back to the classics. We gona bring it back to the Shoes of distinction. Bible says there is a time for War and a time for peace. Well it's time for war!!!


William said...
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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe I Swear I Have Always Loved These Shoes. I Always Seen Them Be It On My Grandad Or even In The Classical Movies. The Point Is I Love Em