Saturday, May 10, 2008


Now I dig the album cover. It reminds me of Biggie's first album. But I must say i'm not looking foward to the supposidly, most anticipated album of 08, Lil Wayne's Carter 3. Really as everyone who knows me very well, knows, I can't stand Lil Wayne!!! I mean he has ok punchlines. But he is not the best rapper alive!!! He gets high or gets slowed down on lean, and says anything that comes to mind!!! About the only time I dig his work is when he's on a track with Juelz Santana(for that I can't feel my face album that ain't never comin out!!! lol!). That Badside joint he got is mean!!! Most of the time he spits harder than juelz is because he has somebody whose just as good when it comes to saying anything. But to me Lil Wayne is overly hyped!!! Like Dipset, this is a clear case where swagger, is what's getting a rapper by instead of lyrical content. And pretty much wayne is also swagger jacking on the low!!! LOL!! Yeah go ahead, all you lil wayne fans can go hurl rocks at me all you want!!! But secretively he's a swagger jacker!!! We can go back to carter 2. Ya'll noticed dude was Bathing Aped out!!! Dude was in the Fireman video with the Bape Hoody and the old school Nerd glasses on, with some bapes on. Then what happens? The clipse make Mr. Me Too, and take aim at Lil Wayne for Jackin their dresscode and their word play. Then the clipse told Laced Magazine "how you gona dress like the clips, rap like Jay-z, sell cocain, and turn around and dress like Jim Jones." And it's true!!! His style is not defined!!! I'll go a step further. How you gona be talkin "Icecream hoody, Bathing Ape tennis shoes, no time for pictures, no time for interviews" and as soon as someone calls you on bein suspect, you turn around and hate on them and the person in which makes the clothes you wear? He straight was hattin on Pharrell and the Clipse in the Comples mag. Sayin "who are the Clipse and Pharrel is a weirdo, Bathing Ape was nothing until he wore it!!!" Why why did you stop? If it wasn't for Pharrell dudes wouldn't rock the Ape if it wasn't for Pharrell. He ended up proving Malice and Pusha right. Cause now he's a Rockstar like Jim Jones now. He's lucky Capo cosigns him. Then on top of that we have another rapper submerged in Gang Culture!!! Because of Game, wayne and dipset, we have more dudes tryin to be bloods now!!! And Ya'll homey tryin to sound like T-Pain now!!! Funny part is befor the lolipop joint came out, I heard that Shorty Lo freestyle six months ago. I was tellin everybody this cat was on that t-pain style junk!!! Now everybody talkin bout some SOO-WOOP Gang, and if you ain't wit it, then you in the food chain!!! I swear that junk is so funny to listen to!! LOL!! Cause only is he sayin anything, he sound a hot mess!!! FEET HANGING OUT THE WINDOW JOCK MY SHOE GAME, CAUSE ALL MY SHOES FLY, LIKE LIU KANG!!!! Where does this nigga get this dude stuff from?! LOL! oh I forgot he stays on that purple stuff!!! Yo I'm tired of talking about this nigga!! O.k. no i'm not, YEAH I KISS MY DADDY!!! LOL! O.k. for real i'm done!!!


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Lol I Was Just Wondering The Other Day When This Blog Would Come lol But You Crazy.

Anupam said...

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