Monday, May 26, 2008

Express Yaself!!!!!

Now you maybe wondering why do I keep posting my new items that I come across. Well the key is this, i'm showin ya'll why they call me the $FrEsH-KiNg$. Well most of all I want ya'll to take a deeper look into how I look at clothes. It's one thing to see me with an item on, but ya'll have to know the ideology behind why I wear certain items or brands. Like Express, I mess with their clothes hard because for many years they've stood out as a brand that has a sleek and clean image. I hate to use this term (cause they over-sexed it) It's really for the Grown and Sexy. While the Gap, Abeercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle were all trying to bring us that whole ugly and bummy distressed look, the Express men's collection has something for the man who still takes pride in his dresscode. Unlike the stores i've just mentioned, Express are the only ones that sell men's dresswear. This season they actually have a three peice White Suit in there!!! They were up on Wild color Paisly print button downs before they became all the rage two years ago. How do I know? cause I was rockin em back in 03 and 04!!! See I can rock with thei buttondowns, vests, sweater vest, and in this case their polo's. Simply because their designs and colors are very striking and bold, which appeal to my the FuZz 100%. I just like to take their garments and take them to That FuZzY level. It's like how the Lo-Lives( a group from he 80's who made their name by stealing millions and millions of Ralph Lauren Polo clothing from back then to the present) did with polo. Polo was never made for inner city people to wear. It was made for the upper class to indulge in. But, when the Lo-Lives Started Rockin the clothes to parties in New York city, Ralph Lauren's name grew to hood aclaim. But it's all in the way they would rock it. Same with me and Express, it's how I wear it. When I throw on the Apple Polo I might throw on the grey three peice dashiki suit, with the Apple Green godfather hat and Matchin Apple green Brutini's !!! You can wear Gucci, but if it looks like trash, then it means nothing. Also if your rocking it with no originality, it's also a waste of Ben Franklyns. Trust me, i've seen it happen!!! So what am I saying? I'm saying, take the time and find clothes that really speak to your vibe and style. Take the time to invest in brands that are aren't trend humping, but have a history in putting out quality items. And please be an individual!!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Nicely Done. I Especially Like The End Where you Said Be An Individual Cause now A Days. People Are Doing And Wear What They See Others Do And Wear mainly What They See These Celebrities Do And See. But Not my Bookie He Has his Own Unique Style And Way Of Wearing Things And A Way Of Putting Clothes Together. I Love It♥