Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yes we are living in an age where hip-hop has been reduced to nothing more than repetitive dance steps named after corny super heros. It's hard trying to find rappers that represent what the true foundation of what B.I.G and Pac have brought to existence. However, the dude who I think has enough star power to bring us out of this line dancing crayze is Rick Ross. Today he drops his latest album trilla, and I've been waitin for it forever. I mean the first single "i'm speedin" with R-kelly is freakin sick. But this new joint with T-pain "boss".!! THAT JUNK IS SOME FuZzN SERIOUS OFF THE WALL HARDCAORE BALLER KINGPIN TYPE JOINT!!!!! That beat is some junk that you just sit back and zone out to while you on ya FuZzY Fly junk!!!Man if I had to have so theme music playin in the backgroung while I walk, it would be that. But what I love most of all is Rick Ross's style. I mean, i've said it on this blog befor, He is the 08 biggie. I mean he can really dress for a big dude. I mean look at the i'm speedin video. Even though the reincarnation of MCM's clothing line(through dapper dan) has been over done by the masses, but he kills it with that red mcm jacket(like the tan one in the second pic) and the chucks. I'm still diggin the yellow jacket, jeans, and air force one outfit he had on at the BET hip-hop awards 2 or 3 years ago. This man's shades game is so versitile. I'm talkin Louis Vuitton Millionares, Gucci's, D&G's. And the chain with his face on it is out of this world. That takes the award for the sickest chain of the year!!!! Yo this is one of those situations where I wonder who is really at work with his look. The stylist or himself? But never the less, rick ross is the man. I cosign him any day.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I must Say I Liked Rick Ross When He First Came Out And Yes That new Joint With T-pain Is Sick you know its on my MP3 But Thats My Boy