Sunday, March 2, 2008


When our eyes are catching glimpses of the styles that Hip-Hop celebs are sporting, we tend to give to credit to said MC. I mean, it does take balls to pull of some of these different looks. However, most celebs don't have the time to put together a serious chic look, that makes a statement. This is where the Celebrity stylist comes in. I mean if you like being told what to wear that's cool. However, I'm not a 5 year old. But, if I was I would love to be style by this sexy speciman of a female, he lovely JUNE AMBROSE. She's hip-hop's Rachel Zoe, minus creating carbon coppies of herself. She's styled for the likes of Jay-z, diddy, mario, and ect. She's even noted for the style direction, in the kanye and pharrell joint "number one".You can also check out her stylings this tuesday on the most anticipted event on BET in the begining of 08, RIP THE RUNWAY!!!! Yo on the real I think i'm in love. Since raven divorced me, this is my new wife!!! LOL!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Lol Wow Raven Divorced You Awwwww Sorry To hear That Congrats On This One lol