Sunday, March 2, 2008


Hearing the name Teyana Tailor, we usually think of big haired girl sweet sixteen. However, we are looking at one of the most talented and stylish young prodies of our day. Signed to Pharrell's star track record label, she provs to be that of a triple threat. Singer, rapper and most of all dancer. Beleave it or not, she's attributed with pushing the chicken noodle soup dance to the forefront. She also helped out beyonce with moves for the I can't let you go joint. You can also check her in Jay-z's blue magic killin it. She will also be on tuesday's rip the runway. And from some of these photos, they havin me say she can't be sixteen!!!! LOL!! On the real she my favorite out of these new age teen sensations. LIL MAMA AIN'T SEEIN HER!!!! YEAH I sAID IT!!!!

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