Wednesday, March 12, 2008

life in the hills!!!! with lauren conrad!!!

Now everybody who knows me, knows I am a faithful viewer of MTV's the Hills. What can I say, I like to see fly white girls party hard, go shopping and look for love all in the same day. Now if you not a weekly watcher like I am, you may have heard about the highly publisized fued between the ex best friends Lauren Conrad and Hiedy(I forgot her last name). I mean when I first started watchin the show, it was hard to beleve that they were actualy fighting over silly stuff. Lauren(the chick in the pics) doesn't like Hiedy's boyfriend spencer. Spencer doesn't like lauren. Hiedy didn't like Lauren's ex boyfriend jason. Hiedy's boyfriend spencer was mad at his best friend broady for still hangin out with lauren. Ya everybody was mad sex. The thing that would piss me off about the show is, the chicks would be dressed to kill in a dress, heels and sick purse in the middle of the day and these dudes is lookin like they just stepped off the beach from catchin some waves!!!! I hate that!!! Look llike you actually put some effort into ya wardrobe!!! Well anyway, it's funny how the show is centerd around the fashion industry, because of Lauen and whitney(the other chick in the pic) are interns at teen vogue. A magazine that I do buy frequently(sidebar, this may come as a shock but teen vogue is way better than that sorry men's vogue magazine they're tryin to push!!!). If I may single out Lauren for a moment, three or four years ago nobody knew who Lauren Conrad was. She was just a high school girl from Luguna Beach. but with her internship at teen vogue, plus the exposure from the show, she's a tabloid name. She's made it on talk shows like Rachel Ray, Regis and kelly, Jimmy kimmel and ect. plus she just launched her fashion show for LA FASHION WEEK. And from what I saw here line has some nice luxery peices.Sick dresses, classy hats, I was really feelin it. besides that she's made a name for herself as trendsetter. I dig her style all together anyway, see lauren's my mistress now!!!LOL!! Habe ya'll seen hose legs in her dresses? And her smile is to die for!!! I mean once you go white, you'll always be keepin it tight!!! LOL! She's my mistress in hollywood. June Ambrose is my second wife. I just filed the divorce papers for raven!!! LOL!! But Roni will always have my heart!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Lol @ Ya Divorce With Raven You So Crazy♥