Sunday, March 30, 2008


Today I was talkin to my boys Hovi and Kenny about the state of our beloved ELM CITY, (known to more outsiders as New Haven). Over the years like any other city across America we see our share of street brawls, murders, and robberies. However, the youth who are the successers to this hood glory are lacking respect for the o.g.'s of yester year. These kids are so hell bent in trying to create a name for themselves until they are aiming to murder innocent people at Random. Many would love to say that because they're from low income neighborhoods and many fall behind the poverty line, that's the reason for the violence. However, todays low income families are living better than most middle class families. If you go to any jects in the elm city you'll see Escalades, Hummers, Navigators and other quote on quote luxery vehicles parked outside. Do to technology changing day by day, every kid has the latest sidekick3 or mp3 player right when it hits the market. Plus don't forget a pair of Air Jordans laced to profection on their feet. So let us not use being under privilaged or disadvantaged as a factor in this situation. See what happens is since today's generation is equiped with such and having everything at their grasp, they tend to feel they know it all. They feel they don't have to listen to anybody. Not even the trail blazers that made it possible for them to carry that pistol. Now i'm no where near a gangsta, gang banga or what have you. However, I've been around the streets long enough to know there are unspoken rules and laws to abide by. The hoodlems of today are breaking every law possible. See what they're also trying accomplish is to recreate the 80's, a time period in which was filled with crack deals, drive by shooting and gang affiliation. But, for New Haven our worst years weren't during the 80's, they were around the early 90's when the gangs had structure, they had a higherarchy system, soldiers, runners and look out. But, from the 90's all the way up to this ver day, every star of the block has fallen victum to the visious cycle. Either getting locked up and going to jail or being shot and killed. All the kids want to hear about are the shoot outs and fist fights that occured around the time. I mean even the concept of getting fresh has drifted far from their thoughts. I mean it used to be so, that the neighborhood hustler was glorified for being able to push dimes to put fresh kicks on their feet, fresh clothes on their backs and just plain old keeping the lights on in the crib. But see to these kids, new sneakers are a givin. Back in the day when high priced sneakers were first introduced, mommy wasn't paying for $100 kicks. So the average 13 or 14 year old either had to wish for an increase in allowance or get out their and serve fiends. But today, the poorest family can get sick kicks to put on the average 13 or 14 year olds feet so that's not the issue. It's like Jay said in money, cash, hoes; it's the sex, murder and mayhem, the romance for the street. I mean, as a person who works with kids I usually compare how my cohorts and I were to the ones coming up now and I just shake my head. You can tell the difference in what we used to look up on the computer vs what they look up. Not to long ago, when I was in the 6th grade we used to look up sneaker sites and clothing sites. We used to live on EBAY and niketown. However, these kids are googling hand guns and semi automatics.They used to say during the 90's and the early 00's that we were too materialistic, we were walking bill boards drapped up in Tommy Hilfigure, Nautica, and Ralph Lauren. Now they exchanged the devil for the wich by turning our children into nothing but natural born killers.

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