Sunday, March 9, 2008


Yo I saw that mos def, talib kwali and common joint twice last week(the name in which this entry is titled.yo, not for nothin but that's how I feel sometimes. I be havin too much on my mind until I can't see straight. I mean things get tough on the job. People don't understand ya message. Got a whole city on ya ball sack. I can't front though, past two days have been excellent. Chilled out with my partner in this FuZz game Peeps gunna at his curch's poetry night joint. That junk was live!!! Made me want to spit some sick poetry. Made me want to go back and tighten up my bars. But back on this life junk, it's too crazy. I guess niggaz got to pray some more. That's the only solution that can clear junk up. Man, the thing that makes life so weired is, at the moment it seems like it's too hard to bare!!!! but when you look back at it a month from then, you shake ya head because in all actuality it wasn't that bad. life is only hard because at the moment you can't see a way out. The future hasn't been revealed to you, so we freak out because we don't know our out come. It's like walking through a dark street with a blind fold on. Now you really can't see your way cause you have two strikes against you. You have a blind fold on and if you remove it it's still dark. But when you make your destination, you can look back and shake ya head at walking blind folded in a dark area. How god took you through your journy and you made it home safe!!!! You know what ya'll I guess i'm speakin to me this morning.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow Babe that Was Deep Honestly I Liked It♥