Sunday, March 30, 2008

MIlT-FRESH aka FuZzY JOHNSON the FRED PERRY duffle bag boy

Yo, while the rest of the woorld is kissin Louis Vuttion's butt cheeks I've decided to get on some new ish!! Don't get me wrong Loui is always the best in accessory goods. However, there is new blood in the bag bussiness. Meet the Fred Perry duffle bag. I've been rocking with them for about 5 mounths now and I must say they are an attenton grabber. Number one question is, whose Fred Perry, well he's a known street wear designer out of london whose known for making hoody's, sweaters, polo's ane ect. But what stands out the most is his Line of bags. In fact the bags are the most flashy out of his whole line. six mounths ago he had a sick brown leather messenger bag that had his name plasterd on it. Well anyway that's enough teaching for one day. MILT-FRESH signing off!!!!

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