Monday, March 24, 2008


From the latest offering from Jim Jones's Harlem's American Gangster mixtape is the single, "don't love me no more". Usually when I think of Jim Joes, he's that dude who you love to hate. I mean maybe if he wasn't acting hard for no reason, I grow to like him!!! Or maybe if he could rap about something else more than harlem and drug dealing(oh I forgot, that's what makes him rich)!! But yo, I must say, I love that new joint!!! Whoever styled it did a superb job. Oh and Mr. Jones' prada shades are sick Hot FuZz(I saw them junks at the eye doctor). That red leather that juelz had on was so mean!!!!! But the biggest conversation peices from the video are the Loui and Gucci scarves that they sport on top of their heads. I must say this is a trend that I love. Problem is in six months dudes will be rockin 3 dollar louis vuitton scarves from the dollar store trying to be like them!!! LOL!! Just like they did with the louis Vuitton scarvs around the kneck!!! You know what, I love how these rappers are setting trends with the same brands. Kanye and Pharrell hit us with the Luxery scarves around the kneck. Then Jim Jones and juelz show us new ways to rock a scarf on our heads. I can't front Dip-set has been timeless with introducing trends to the world since 02 when came hit the roc.

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