Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've seen the promise land!!!

At times when i'm goin through problems and trials in my life, I often wonder how heaven will be. A place where theres no more pain, no more suffering, no evil in our mitts. At times I get caught up in the fleshly side of this world and i may get caught up in it's trappings. But after a while when things come crashing down, and your left alone, theres no one else to call on it, Jesus is always standing there. Man it's wild, i've stood off of the rocks and looked of Long Wharf, and have seen paradise. But in the end it's really fantasy. You might think what i'm saying is crazy because i'm calling something that already exists a fantasy. But in essence it really is. These paradise places try to communicate a safe and peaceful image. But you could be killed and murderd in these same spots. So in actuallity they bring us an even more false sense peace and safety. But The idea of heaven makes my heart extatic. The flesh of this world is just a fantasy. But the idea of heaven becomes more and more real day by day. I mean think about ladies and gentlemen. I know everybodyhas their own philosophy on where our souls go when we die. But, If you think about the life the person lived there is a feeling that many are living life in peace. I can't change how people feel about heaven. But it feels great knowing there is a place that is safe we can go to.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe this was deep i was feeling you you spoke it and i loved reading it great job on this one keep up the great work love ya *1 fan