Saturday, May 16, 2009

Now they catch on!!!! Tell these suckaz catch up!!!!!

I always trends always suck when they hit the hood. Well it seems Fred Perry duffle bags have finally hit the pages of Hip Hop weekly. For all my readers of the milt-Fresh Experience know i've been goin hard with Fred Perry bags since 07. Most hip-hop magazines are striving to keep the retail consomers on the cutting edge of what's hot, hip, and different. Really they've decided to hit Urban Outfitter's website and are trying to introduce the brand to a different type of user. But what will kill me is nif I see Fred Perry in the hood. Well other than me rockin the bag. I remember people used to come up to me asking whose Frperry.

1 comment:

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Oh so Now they Get It Well Its Too Late Cause My Babe Is The Fred Perry Spokesman So They CAn Kill All That lol