Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rick ross goes so hard!!

CO or no CO, Rick Ross has proven time and time again that he is a style giant. this is my opinion, but he's one person that I don't mind hearing them say uses a stylist. Thats big of me to say because I hate when celebs use stylists. But its real because Ross really has good style. Even when he's wearing a fitted and a T-shirt he still brings an air of hood luxery too the situation. I like his miniture video he released "kiss the pinky ring curley" where he taunts 50 cent. even in the midst of the eef he finds time to show off his fresh style. He has a sick baby blue MCM Logo biker jacket. Plus that paten leather jacket. the wheat color MCM wallet and a host of other joints. "you dress so bad we be laughin at ya adds.' 50 does dress bad1!!! Not to mention he's a big gentleman that looks great in a suit. I mean in his latest video with the dream he breaks out a white joint, but also takes it a step further with a red suit and pink dress shirt. My baby girl pookie alerted me about it. red suit is nothing new in the hood. I myself have been wearing red suits since the 8th grade. however, the way rick ross wears it is very slick and cool with the collar open. Whichleads me to the album cover in which yes he looks like a mogul, a straight up boss!!! Some might say the pokadot thing might be a lil kwameish!!! But he pulls it off with such elegance!!! Ladies and gentlemen he's the biggie of our time.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Love Rick Ross AKA El Jeffe(The Boss For Those Of You Who Only Speak English lol) He Can Dress His Behind Off For A Big Dude. Every Time I See Him He Is Fly Thats Whats Up. I Agree Babe He's The Biggie Of Our time