Sunday, May 31, 2009


A while ago Craig 'i'm a style beast' sager graced the FTLF SECTION, this time around i think I found someone who kind of tops Sager's style. That would be NHL announcer Don Cherry. The difference from his style and sagers, is don is into more color combinations. Where Don is more into colors and paterns on his jackets and suits. Which makes him a style beast of all time. What also sets him appart from sager, is he has a facial look that screams don't cross this guy. Sager on the other looks more friendly and approachable. I know the post was supposed to be about Don instead of a compare and contrast. But i feel style wise they mean a lot to the world. I mean it's one thing to have style. You don't really need to dress to do thatt(james dean anyone). it's also another thing to get dressed up. i mean Tiki Barber is a clear represenation of that fact. But what hurts the heart of many individuals is to see a flamboyant dressing male. People cringe with that. O.k. they might can deal with a flamboyant and coloful negro. I mean we've been doing that for years with our red suits and cadillacs. But old white men???? You should be a brooksbrother, not huggy bear!!!! But that's the genius behind it!! They flipped the stereotype on it's head and created their own lane!!! But people can't see past the clothes and into the ideology. The world will be dumb def and blind forever. But I tilts my gofather hat to these men. They have the guts to be themselves and defie the odds.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Oh babe this dude is sharp im feeling all this pic up here that you posted. he definatly deserves to be on ya blog i mean craig get it in but don is killin' it.