Friday, May 22, 2009

Classic style, from Donell Jones

Yo remember around a spand of 99-2002 Donell Jones was known as one of the Best Dressed R&B stars in the industry. To be reeal he was one of my favorite style icons that I looked up to when it came to getting dressed. He definetly was a huge hat man. Wasn't afraid to crush a wide brim real greezy!!!! See but he was smooth, very playerish, reminiscent of Chi-town. I can still remember the white suit he had on in the where I wanna be video with just the white vest, white pants, shades and a white wide brim joint!!! Donell was a style beast in his own right!!! I liked him because no matter what he would go hard at every event. Now recently i'm not a fan of his attire. To me he goes for a more relaxed look. Dead Party t-shirts(ed hardy) and track Jackets with fitteds. And thats to freakin awards shows. I understand people are on this whole "NOT TRYING THING",but to me it really really looks bad!!! Theres a way not to try and theres just come on son, you could have went harder, specially knowing niggaz full potential!!! I know there are days i may say lets throw a suit on with some boat shoes, with a wide brim, but It sill looks like effort was put into it. i just didn't say ok im putting on a hoody and coming out!!! TThought was put in it!!!!! Jones really needs to find out where he wants to be and come back and crush these youngns!!! Well not really!!! Neyo took over where he left off!!!

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