Saturday, May 23, 2009

Skull Gang!!!!

In the latest quest for the pursuit of the sex, money, and drugs life style of a RockStar, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana can be noted for starting another trend. yes what is known as the skulled out all over print bandanas. They've been seen sporting them on the cover of xxl magazine and in the dreams rocking that thang remix. Yes very different from the red bandanas that signaled their ties to the 9 tre bloods. but what's funny is the Bandanas are made from the very exclusive fashion house Alexander McQueen!!!! To be honest these bandanas don't even look like they cost over five dollars!!! Maybe it's because they rock em hood. I have a theory about items. Depending on whose wearing the item, the individual has the power to make or break it. If Pharrell or kanye wore these joints people would be killing themselves to have one. however, with Jimmy and juelz they make them look like $5.99 bandanas you can get a black woman's hair care store in the hood. MJaybe it's because they rock em hood? And you know what, that's they're whole intent. They're trying to represent for the hood. but the bandanas don't convey the luxury of Alexander McQueen. I know i'm harsh!!!!

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