Saturday, May 2, 2009

Went toooo hard on em today!!!!

Went shopping today, did some much needed damage. Brown and white Gbx boat shoes in the midst(could kick myself for not coppin the red. black and white rockport boat shoes, theres always next week). saw this DKNY joint and had to have it. It represented everything I stand for. Yes i'm a bit of a label freak. Can't help it, I grew up in the crazy logo era and thats what I know. Copped the sick ralph lauren Bleecker joint to add to the collection. they ain't ip on it!!! Also bought the ill grey Calvin klein striped crew kneck. I was shocked to see this was a ck peice. Looked more dknyish!!! But I had to have it!! I was diggin the bolt design in the middle. It grabbed me when I saw it!!! Trust, its on spring and summer!!!! oh I forgot to mention, my alll white paten leather stacy adams dayton wingtips are on the way!!!!!! hurtin more feelins!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well Alright If You Aint Destroy A Few Stores Babe I Like Them Shirts. You Betta Go Head Brotha lol.