Saturday, May 2, 2009

ready in their sunday best!!!!

now i'm not going to sit here and front like i've ben watching the sunday best compition heavily. Cause I haven't. But when I would watch these two gentlemen, Zebulan Ellis and John H. McClure, Jr were two of my favorite. I mean not so much for their siinging(however they are very gifted musically). But for their great sence of style that they both possesd. zebulan made the a class act of the idea of the well dressed big man. Gracing the stage with striking dress shirt and tie combinations. The mr. McClure had a smooth smooth presence with his suits, dress shirts, and ocassional news boy caps. It's funny sometimes watching how young men dress for church now. I'll say one thing, the Grown and sexy movement has changed the perception of how a lot of young people dress for events, including church. Many are trying to to go bespoke with exquisit tailoring on suits. I see a resergence of Bow-ties(really thats in pop culture all together, thank you bentley). Shirts with bold plaid patterns. sweater vests. Whats happening is the young generation of church goers are ushering in a hip new vibe to the congregations. I mean even new age contemporary gospel music has their own tastemakers that are setting the pace as well. You've got detrik hadden, kirk franlin, tye tribbet(who swagga jacked Fonzworth Bentley's style toooo hard), and a host of thers. The thing is they're not showing you that old age image of come as you are to church. Which is still is still recommended because at the end of the day it is about saving souls, not a fashion show. However, they're offereing a new found respect for a well dressed gentleman coming to church. which is needed in everyday life. Because if you look good you will most definetly feel good. but anyway im going off topic. since these guys were eliminated I really don't pay attention to it at all lol!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Yea These Boys Were Somthing. I Loved Both Their Styles. I Rearly Watch The Show. Besides I dont wanna see bebe lol he be lookin crazy