Monday, May 11, 2009

Rollin hard in 2011

This blog ain't car friendly like that, but once in a while I do like to post joints that prove to be monumental. so meet the 2011 The Cadillac CTS Wagon. Ain't stop to read about it features. i really don't have to because this prootype speaks for itself. I can see many bigtimers rollin heavy in this joint. however, say what you want, nothin is more liver than seeing fly dudes ridin in whips that are from past years. It's still tough to cop a car and trade it in for the car of that year. However, people have learned about leasing, so in a sense your really renting that particular car for ex amount of years. But it's ill stepping out in a 2001. 99, 98, 95 and under. it makes an ill statement. but to each their own. The CTs is still gonna kill em and 2011 ain't even here yet.

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