Tuesday, June 2, 2009

pulled out my Stacy AdamsBurnt Orange O.G. concords today!!!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll!!!!?? decided to get live on em with my old school burnt orande Stacy's!!!! Paten Leather on these suckaz!!!!! Don't normaly pull these out because suckaz don't know their sense of direction. But today I just said screw it!!!!! Back when I was 10 my dad and I had a matching pair of these same exact joints. I was wearing a man's 8.5 then. So last year ya FuZz fresh decided to cop two pairs. one for me and one for my dad. He's a Stacy Adams man from the heart. Like i've said befor the stacy adams brand is apart of the legacy of men in my family. You ain't a man in this joint if you ain't never had a pair!!! And trust my collection has toooooo many pairs of stacys in it!!!! Now if I can get these dudes at classic men's wear to ship my white paten leather stacy adams madisons, i'd be set!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I like these shoes babe sorry i stepped on them at dinner lol.