Saturday, June 27, 2009

For the love of the FuZz SPECIAL EDITION: LAMAR ODOM. Couldn't help it!!!!

Yes I had to do another installment of for the love of the FuZz when I saw different clips of Los Angeles Laker, Lamar Odom. Now when ever I heard of Odom it was for his ball playing ability. But when I came across his pics at off the court events I noticed he had a different look. Now from these looks one thing can be said, he's not afraid to be himself. he has balls. Which is what most men lack when getting dressed. However, certain things that he wears I personally wouldn't be caught in. Like a suit with a hoody attached to the blazer. May looks great on him, but for me, can't roll like that. Then the other part is he still wears a lot of his pants baggy. I mean I know I do wide leg pants. But the baggin saggin berries won't work with me. But on Mr. Odom he makes it work. I'm definetly in love with the coogi sweater, shirt and tie combo. I would definetly do that. He's a true example of Ghetto Chic. This is how the average trapper with money or athelete would dress(if they wanted to keep their hood roots and not go bespoke). Oh and recently Lamar Odom and P-diddy were named the best dresssed men at the Mtv Movie awards. And hpnor he definetly deserved. He one with the outfit in the last picture. He killed em with the pinstriped vest with matching tie and jacket with the mean jacket. Shades bring you that extra i'm the man feel. That look was so strategic.

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