Thursday, June 11, 2009


Now if you know Milt-Fresh you know he doesn't care about wearing white shoes after labor day!! I wear freakin white dress shoes all year long, even in the middle of winter!!! Tired of freakin rules!!! Anyway in recent years stacy adams have been trying to revive their classic dress shoe lines with new concepts. Repesenting it is their take on the Stacy Adams wingtips by offering them in white paten leather. which is very sleek and classy. next is their take on a loafer which they dub the santana. Which we would call the summer in miami look. Everybody knows I would freak the wingtips. But alot of people are kind of shocked that I would like the santana's. The shoes are great. Something an old school dude would wearin the summer with a linen short set and no socks. Also the average old school cat would rock these in either brown or black. Basicly because white is very hard to find. But you would definetly see these on my feet. size 11.

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