Monday, June 8, 2009

For the love of the FuZz:Nick Cannon

Yo, is it me or is Nick Cannon becoming the new leader of the Grown and Sexy movement? DANG!!!1 When Jay said you could learn how to dress just by checkin my fresh, he didn't know how well of a teacher he was. But let me not take anything away from Nick, because in the last two years he's really grown into his own as a style beast. He's really making powerful statements with the wardrobe recently. He's been on the ghetto game show, Mtv Jam's hoodfab wearing a dress shirt, tie, vest and matching pants combination on his way to play hip-hop trivia in Marcy projects. bold statement he made going down there like that. The average rapper would have went down there with a fitted and a hoody!!! But he went down there like he was ging to a board meeting with donald trump. I don't even think jigga would have made a move like that, in my opinion. In some ways it's almost a slap in the face. Here you are big star coming down here with ya fancy suit and were here strugglin!!! But nick made it seem like nothing. Some would attribute it to him jumping the broom with mariah(does seem like he's following jigga's blueprint, even got him an R&b legend). either way, watch out for Nick cannon. Esquire Best dressed list and Vanity Fair Best dressed list need to take note of this!!!! One of my top picks!!!

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