Friday, June 19, 2009


Soho in New York City has been known over the years as an oasis for trendsetters, artists, musicians, fashionistas, and ect. A place where creativity was embraced and redundancy was shunned. However in 2005, Soho took on a new face in the form of attack of the clones. Around this time two music and style power houses were taking over the industry. The two were Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. And with every trensetter theres bound to be millions of trend humpers waiting to imulate their style. Soon there were many individua;s mimicing Pharrell and Kanye's style to a T. More so Pharrell. Cats were wearing bathing ape hoodies and sneakers, with the billionare boys club jeans, even walking around Soho with skateboards. Walking like Pharrell. acting like Pharrell,Creating myspace pages claiming to be fashion foward, and using his phrase that was used on the inside the cover "wealth is not of the pocket but of the mind"(thats wild coming from a dude who has a Hermes Purple Croc bad and every bathing ape sneaker in multiple colors). And that was just the begging. Along copying trends, came the influx of big bussines, BATHING APE had opened up a u.s. flagship store. Then there was Supreme, Then Sneaker Conglomerate Flight Club which thrives on the Average sneaker collector. The theres Swiss Beats Kid Robot clothing brand, so forth and so on. Soon Soho had changed from a place for the true geniuses of the art of fly, to copy cats running around spending cash to become a look a like. Around this time you had different crews, many all with the same concept trying to fight for the title of being super cool. You had ya prepe on one corner, skaters in one pack, then the pharell crew posing on one side. Then the 80's dudes on the other end. Then the second, third and fourth 80's click across from one another. Well to make a long story short, after five years of seeing the otrosity a brand known as the secret society has decided to land a few punches at Soho streetwear fashion. They've created their own campaign against Soho culture by using the logos of well known streetwear brands to scream out F soho. Which I could imagine has ruffled a few feathers in Ny. besides dissing soho, it also is dissing streetwear. in a sense it's letting the world know they're a line that's more high end. No matter what it had to said. I mean there has to be be a new sense of originality. i know no idea is original, but come on, actually walkin around with a skateboard in ya hand and you can't skate??? Don't make sense!!! I mean where i'm from, New Haven is the same way. The sad part is be it that CT is right next door to New York, New Haven cats is lookin right into New York lookin at what they doin. Then two years later we decide to get up on the trend. prada kicks had been the rage in NY since 03-04, 07-08 is when you saw cats in new haven stuntin with em like they were somethin new. New Haven cats take things and saturate it. i mean now of days on these streets your either a skinny jeans, tight shirt wearin, dunks or supra wearin dude(soho ain't it??) or you a wanna be flag drappin blood or crip throwin up signs. No originality anywhere!!!!

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