Monday, June 8, 2009

Friend or foe/the last willing testiment

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!!!! one of the last seven words jesus spoke on the cross befor he ascended into heaven. To me, has too be one of the most powerful statements jesus cried out with, because in the midst of being batterd and bruised, spat upon he still was able to pray for his enemies. He was able to tell his father in heaven forgive these people because they don't know they're helping him in this process. They don't understand i'm taking the sins of the world to this cross!!!! There are many who had been crucified on the cross befor his time, but it's a little different with my story. There is purpose with this one. Jesus wasn't just another theif or a murderer. He was trying to set mankind free, but his own people didn't want to hear it. I guess that portion really relates to my current struggle. I mean it's funny how many people there are out here who are aginst the FuZz!!! Now by no means am I calling myself a savior, so all you bible scholars and theologians fall back. But with this FuZz it really is funny how this lifestyle leaves a bad taste in the mouths of people. I mean not just ya normal enemies who can't stand you regardless, but those who have been supposedly down since day one. People who have spoken words suck as "god's gonna do great things for you', then turn around and look at you under eyed because of how you grown. I mean you can feel the hate in their vibes and aura. Then when you look into the lives of these people, you can understand why they're so mean, why they're so angry. To be real their lives are a wreck. but gosh man, the hostility they show is just wild. But this FuZz junk just can't and won't stop. Theres a beleif with this. theres ideology behind it. Five percent of being FuZzY is clothing. The rest is made up of ya aura, the positive and negative. Are you like the pro athelete that bought his way from the projects to marble floors, rolls royce phantoms and marble floors, but still can't shake the tough guy persona? Or are you content with life as is? And that's what my enemies don't seem to understand. i'm content with life. I'm happy with what god has blessed me with. I just hope they find what they're looking for. Cause these niggaz is cryin out on the inside for something.

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