Saturday, June 20, 2009


In New Haven, it's a right of passage for a dude to have a gold chain, with a maddillion. It's been like that forever, preferably a Cross or a jesus peice. Over the years, hood dudes have went through many changes with the Jewlellz!!! There was always one star everybody followed in the Jewelry game. and that was Jay-z. I remember when dudes switched from Gold to platinum, dudes couldn't afford platinum, so they settled for buying white gold chains.This went on for three years, til Jay-z switched the game on em. He decided to bring Gold back!!!! In the song "nigga please" featuring Pharrell Williams he brags about his wealth, but spews a line that sent a lot of white gold chain wearers back to the store, "pimp strollin on em, black diamonds, Rose Goldin on em". Soon you saw many artists sporting Rose Gold items. After Jay, Lloyd Banks from 50 cents G-unit was seen with the rose Gold jesus peice. But nobody does a Rose Gold Jesus peice like the Guys at kanye's g.o.o.d music records. Then there was Nelly's Grills where they boasted about having Fronts with the whole top diamond and the bottom Rose Gold. on a local level rose Gold became a huge trend on the scene. In true New Haven fashion, It took it two years to become huge, but when it caught on dudes couldn't get enough of rose gold chains. The thing was you had to be part of the flyest of fly to wear Rose gold chains. The first time I saw these chains in person was when I was in college. There were two individuals who were known for stunting with the typical D-Boy/hood Pretty boy look(side bar, these guys were no where near my level). one dude was so tough he had the rose gold watch to go with it!!!! Well months later yours trully would also get caught up in the Rose Gold world wind. I had the rose gold body of jesus in his robe. And yesh I had the watch to match. I was in love with Rose gold. At the time I was a huge silver lover(because oof my mom). It wasn't til a couple years ago I started mixing Gold and silver peices(in memory of my grandmother, she was a gold lover). In doing so i came across this rose gold Dolce and Gabbannatime watch. I wear it in memory of the fading trend. i'm still a big Rose Gold fan to this day. But it was wild watching how dudes killed it!!! After a while the whole city was full with dudes rockin em. So bad til the dudes who rocked em first went back to regular gold. Well just like every trend. All things must come to an end.

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