Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Many of the sartorial community love to talk about how the men of Paris have great style when it comes to the clothes they wear. Yes it's true they have a look like no other, however I want to talk about a culture of men that seem to poses the same amount of style in one pinky. The men Ispeak of are from the Carribean Islands, Jamaica, Trinidad, so forth so on.I know the stereotype of the Carribean man is one who adorns a tank top with holes in it, soccer shorts and dress shoes. What I've noticed about them is there not afraid to put on a suit an dress. There also not afraid to use heavy amounts of color like many other men are. Even befor the hood went crazy over Grown and Sexy parties the Dance Hall scene was filled with men that stepped out on the town with platnium silver suits, black suits, leather suits, leather jackets, with dress shoes and dress pants, and bright colored linen in the summer. They are also not afraid to wear huge blinged out chains with a suit. Which is a huge no no in the menswear world. Which is ill, because some are not trying to be fashionable. They're more so trying to express the culture they represnt. Which gives them leadway for more creativity than others.. I remember in 2003 when Dancehall reggae finally made it to the forefront many of the major dancehall artists brought a cool style with them. I mean you did have Sean Paul(sometimes I don't be diggin his look), who had many jean suits and leather vests and jeans. But really even befor that I would have to say the man in my opinion who embodied Carribean Style was Beenie man. Ever since sim simma he's always been suited and booted. To me if you really want to see how ill his style is, check out the video girls dem suga featuring Mya. His combination of suits and kangols destroyed the game. Fast fowarding back to 2003 Elephant Man also emerged on the scene with blond locks and an unorthidoxed style of dress.I still love the trench coat and bucket he had on in the never scene a dance like this joint. And to this day his style is very crazy. At the Hot 97 summer jam in New York he wore a red Band jacket with gold kicks. Yes I know the band jacket is nothing new(Thanks to Kanye(2005) and Pharrell(2004)But he showed how he wasn't afraid to step out bold. Which is a big quality of the Carribean dress code. Then theres Beenies Rival Bounty Killer whose known for wearing the illest player type shades(many are reminiscent of the Versaces). But recently a person who revived the look of the true dancehall artist has to be Movado, who crushed BET's Rip the runway with thr illest black suit, pointed toe shoes and a red dress shirt with the collar blouse on the lapel. I loved the look because it was slick and 70's swingerish. All in all dance hall stars are not afraid to represent style of their culture.

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