Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Genuwine was killin this outfit at the BET Awards!!!!!

O.K. two nights ago a brotha was watching the BET awards with my wifey Pookie and her sister Donna. I always love to watch the Red Carpet of award shows because I love watching what the celebs are wearing. Yeah yeah yeah, I know they have stylists that pick out their clothing for them(which I can't stand!!!!) but, the majority of what is worn on the red carpet, influences whats sold in the stores. Anyway, I noticed there were a lot of men that went with the i'm not trying look (which to me, is mad wack at an awards show!!!! Suckaz got to go all out!!!). I mean Kanye rocking that jacket and timbs wasn't amazing to me. A black suit was nothing new neither!!! So who in Milt-Fresh's opinion stole the show for the night!!!!!??? DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!! MR. RIDIN MY PONY GENUWINE!!!!!!! This grey plaid had to be the meanest outfit(next to Bishop Don Juan who had the mean plaid suit with shutter shades). If you weren't going to go flashy, this is how you stunt at an awards show!!!! As you can see he put effort in this outfit. Me personally I wouldn't have worn such a plain shoe with it. Probably a pair of black and white wingtips, spectators or spats. Or even my favorite, some Zebra Skin pointed toes!!! But for genuwine it was a great fit.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Oh yea i agree he killed it i lovehim in this suit. Don Juan was the flashyist he was killing it for real. but i hate shutter shades lol