Monday, June 15, 2009


So yesterday was my birthday, i had got up to find this huge banner my mom made in honor of my day. She's one person I can always count on to make my birthday a big deal. i love her for that!!! As you can see on my day I had to hurt em with the wine and pink on em when it came to the fit!!!! True style beast, stuntin on them suckaz, many hated, many congradulate, others stood in amazement. well anyway i went to church, but later on that evening i got up with my pookie gurl Roni and her family. We decided to double date at the movies where we caught that new denzel washington and john travulta action thriller(can't think of the name)!!! All in all it was a great day, got to spend my b-day with the ones I love. However I was extremley touched by what she wrote in my card. What stuck with me was the part that said, don't ever change. It meant a lot to me because she's saying she loves me for who I am. loves me for all my strengths, weeknesses, flaws, everything. i couldn't have asked for a better girl friend. She also picked out the white and pink straw godfather hat for my present!! Trust she's got taste. Well my 24th birthday was a great day.

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