Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For the love of the FuZz: Kirk Franklin

GP ARE YA WIT MEEE!!!!! LOL! Ok I have a confession to make, i've never been a fan of Kirk franklin until now. Not so much for his gospel Music, but for his new found style. Now it's safe to say that a lot of black men who are at the forefront of whatever they're doing are starting to beleave in wearing a suit. Many are starting to even hit they're tailors for that savile row fit (you may not can afford it or travel their, but you can sure look like you have)!!! But the thing is everybody is doing it now. but it's safe to say Kirk has personality with his look. yes he does bow-ties, but he doesn't look like he's the third son of Fonzworth Bentley(dudes be really jackin benley's dandy style). Plus what also works for kirk is the arm candy!!!! adds even more to the look. mr. franklin has really come into his own with his look. i also think with him having to host Sunday best, it gave him an even bigger platform to showcase his sunday best. I tilts my hat to the stylist in charge. even though I feel it would never happen, he should be in the running for Vanity Fairs International Best dressed list. It's between him and Nick cannon. But the only way a black dude will get on that list is if he's kanye west. which isn't a bad thing because kanye deserves it. He's been up there for two years. However we need Fresh blood for the african american community in the running. but they'll say whats another negro in a bespoke suit? I guess that's life.

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