Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pit got the sick fit!!!

Ok as fashion and style goes I do feel Brad Pit has been very overrated. I mean basicly cause too me when he dresses down he really dresses down. I don't care if he's got on Gucci jeans and prada t-shirt, he still looks beat!!! almost as bad as denzel when he decides to go beat down!!!! But Just when you think Brad doesn't deserve shine in the halls of sartorial greatness, he comes out guns blazing in an outfit of this magnitude. He really looks like he oozes cool at the caans film festival. the scarf in the shirt concept is a smooth look, almost ascotish in a sense. Once in a blue moon, brad proves to have an inner negro when getting dressed up at times. And it shows here. Minus the bespoke tailoring, you have the color of the suit, the shades and most of all the shoes are very flashy. I could really see this look down in new York for club night. It screams look at me9without throwing on an odd color). i tilts my hat to brad for this. I know Brad rides off the fact that he's brad pit but he should really consider dressing this crisp more often.

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