Thursday, June 4, 2009

R.I.P to my sister Tanya

WHY DON'T LAUGH AT DEATH AND CRY AT BIRTH? Sad part is our flesh only realises the earthly part of losing a love one. Not the suffering with health, finances, people who harm others. I guess it's that emotional part that is very selfish to have our love ones still here. IDK it's really hard to get pass. I know for me, i'm just glad my sister is in a better place and doesn't have to struggle with er asthma, which is what brought her out of this world. I was glad that we made peace befor she left the earth. we didn't spend the majority of our time at odds. She was there for majority of my high school years. I remember every night makin calls to her in columbus, ohio. she stayed puttin me up on game about chicks, love, sex, pimpin (she was a female player, had mad suckaz scrung out, without tha... lol!!! Dudes told me on the phone). She schooled me to a lot, I owe my growth as a person to her my father and my mother. But a lot came from her, she taught me a lot about street junk too. Buut, just remember people, love them while they're here, cause when they're gone is when you'll feel it the most.


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe this blog entry was beautiful ya sister was very pretty and im glad ya made peace before she Passed too. but as we both know shes free from pain which is always best.

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Tonight, i tip my hat to you and Tanya, and lift my glass to the good times you shared.
Peace Bro.